With school terms ending soon, many young people are looking for a summer job. If your business is considering giving a young person their first real work experience this summer, it may help to familiarize yourself with South Carolina’s regulations on youth employment.

Generally speaking:

  • People aged 18 and over can work any time at any job
  • Youth ages 16 and 17 do not have hour and scheduling restrictions but may not engage in any occupation deemed hazardous.
  • Youth ages 14 and 15 have schedule and hour restrictions that are different based on whether or not school is in session. They also have increased restrictions on specific work activities.
  • Minors aged 13 and younger generally are not authorized to work. There are circumstances where employment is allowed in farms jobs and family-owned businesses with parental consent and supervision.

Additional information available from the South Carolina Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulation at: https://llr.sc.gov/wage/cll.aspx