Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

A 4-part video series designed to help small businesses make smart decisions to strengthen their cyber-crime protection.

Session 1: Cybersecurity Essentials for Small Businesses

Presenter: Bill Vollono, Recorded Future

Learn foundational steps to secure your systems, network, and employees and understand real-world implications of not taking cybersecurity seriously.

Session 2: Guarding Against Today’s Cyber Threats

Presenter: Delano Collins, Corsica Technologies

The cyber thread landscape is changing fast. Learn how to keep your business secure from the latest cyber threats and schemes.

Session 3: Managing Remote Access and Team Collaboration

Presenter: Greg McInturff, Huron Technologies

Remote work has become an essential for more businesses over the past year. Learn best practices to keep your data and files safe when employees are working outside the office.

Session 4: Employee Engagement and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Presenters: Garrett Wreden, Kinghorn Insurance and Bill Vollono, Recorded Future

Not every cybersecurity measure relies on technology. Learn techniques to master the human element and consider other options to manage your risk.