As of April 18, the S.C. Department of Workforce and Employment (DEW) is again requiring people claiming unemployment insurance benefits to actively search for work.

“At this point in time, there are 85,000 jobs posted by employers in the state of South Carolina. Meanwhile, we have approximately 116,000 people receiving unemployment benefits each week,” said DEW Executive Director, Dan Ellzey. “That really does not make sense, and we have to get people to start looking for jobs.”

DEW has also established a Recall Taskforce to help employers reengage their workforce. Individuals who have turned down offers of suitable work are not eligible to continue receiving UI benefits. If you have offered an individual a job and they refused, it is important for you to report the incident to DEW through your Employer Self Service Portal. Their Refusal of Job Offer Guide provides screenshots and instructions to help you through the process.